World War III: Soviet Live Launch Round-Up

World War III: Soviet Book Spotlight
WWIII: Soviet Live on Forces and Digital

Tactics and Gaming

Fire for Effect Artillery in World War III Soviet
March To The Sound Of The Guns: Crunching the Numbers
Victor’s WWIII Soviet Lists
The Boxer Vs The Bruiser Comparing the M1 Abrams with the T-80
The Legions of the Red Banner Infantry in World War III: Soviet
Soviet Armour: Comparing the T-72, T-64 and T-62M
Czechoslovakian’ing Out The Soviets
Casey’s T-64s Ride Again
Building a T-55AM Formation
Casey’s T-80 Tank Battalion
Shock Therapy: Hurting People With The Shock Tank Company
Wayne’s WWIII: Soviet Army List
Be Bad With Your GBAD: Soviet Ground Based Air Defence
BMP-3: “The Dzhek of all Trades”
Building a T-80 Shock Company List
Army Building with New Soviet Army Deal


BTR-60 Video Assembly Guide
Chris’s T-64 Video Assembly Guide
Wayne’s BMP-1 and BMP-2 Video Assembly Guide
Phil’s T-72 Video Assembly Guide
Casey’s MI-24 Hind Video Assembly Guide
WWIII Team Yankee Soviet Model Range Showcase
BRDM Assembly Guide
BMP-3 Assembly Guide
T-80 Video Assembly Guide
Chris and Wayne WWIII Team Yankee Soviet Battle Report Part 1

Painting and Modelling
Victor’s WWIII: Soviet Army Showcase
Painting the T-80 with Pete The Wargamer
What is Soviet Green?