Thanks for Watching!

The Late War launch is over for the time being (that is, until D-Day: American hits the shelves in a few weeks), so we’d like very much to thank you for joining us and to let you know that we look forward to the next launch when we will have even more exciting stuff to show off.

Until then, we are going to leave you with some excellent coverage of the Flames Of War Boot Camp, hosted by OnTableTop over the launch weekend.

Thanks again for joining us!

Studio Projects

Everyone here in the Auckland Studio is getting along with their Launch Day projects:

Patch is editing my interview with Phil (and looks none too pleased with the interruption):
Ales is working on his very special secret project:
Chris is readying his German force for a battle against Victor later today:
Aaron is chipping away at those British Shermans he’s tasked himself with finishing:
And Andrew and Wayne are throwing down in the break room:

Kursk Live Launch is a Go!

Good morning, everyone!

Over the next two days, the Auckland studio will be launching Ghost Panzers and Red Banner. These two books will give you lists and units to field during the Battle of Kursk on the Eastern Front.

Keep and eye on the blog over the next two days to see battle reports, list building, modelling and painting, and a whole lot of other neat stuff.