D-Day: American Live Launch Landing Page

In July we celebrated the launch of D-Day: American to much fanfare and celebration. You can check out all the great launch day content here:

Releases and Spotlights
Designing Airborne Figures
Fantastic Plastic Forces
D-Day: American Spotlight

Forces and Projects
Andrew’s Rangers Lead the Way
Brandon’s Armoured Rifles
Saving Private Ales
US Recon Cavalry Force
29th Infantry List Tech
Studio Projects I
Studio Projects II
Studio Projects III

Modelling and Painting
Victor’s Big Four Americans
Painting US Airborne- Evan’s Guide
Painting US Infantry- Evan’s Guide
Pete the Wargamer: How to Paint the M5 Stuart 
Pete the Wargamer: How to Paint US Airborne

How to: Airborne Assaults
How to: Beach Landing
D-Day: American Direct Order Rotations
D-Day: American Q + A
FUBAR Battle Report