Brian’s Greyhounds

with Brian, BF US

When playing Germans I often find it difficult to bring the big and shiny toys, while having a force that is substantial enough to cover all of the bare necessities. The force I’ve come up with allows me to have at least one thing for every kind of scenario I expect to face on the table.

The Panzergrenadiers are there to hold objectives, or assault enemy objectives. The Armored Mortars are for a smoke screen or pinning enemy infantry. The Armored Gun platoon is for ambushing and killing medium and light armor. The AA is rather self explanatory, but could easily be pressed into service killing light vehicles or infantry.
I brought the Tigers because they can handle almost any tanks that they come across, and can be put in reserve to cover my 40 point requirement. The Sdkfz 250s are for Spearheads and emergency AA. The Sdkz 234 7.5cms add in a little extra pizzazz.

The card that makes this all possible is the 116 th Panzer Division card. For the steep discount of -2 points per unit in my primary formation, I take a hit to both Last Stand, and Tactics, a sacrifice I’m willing to make as it saves me 14 points overall. This discount from this card pays for one of my two Panzergrenadier Platoons!

Honestly I took this formation for only two reasons, to get some recon assets, but more importantly to get the Sdkfz 234 7.5cm Heavy Scout Platoon! They’re just too cool to pass up, they’re Pumas but better because they have a better Firepower rating, as well as HEAT.

I wouldn’t possibly be able to pass on taking a Firefly, everyone knows that
the best Allied tanks are driven by Germans after all!