Victor’s Merkava II Company

with Victor Pesch

When I first saw the prototypes of the Merkava model we were making, I knew I’d have to do an army. I was lucky enough to do the graphic design for the book so I became further interested in the Israeli forces. As soon as the plastics arrived in the office, I commandeered 11 of them and got to work.

So far the force is an HQ of 2 tanks, and 3 platoons of 3 tanks. This comes to 77 points, so still plenty of room for all the support goodies which I’ll work on in the future.

I plan to add Perehs, VADs, TOW Jeeps, and some Recce. But for now I’ll be using the Merkavas later in a battle with Chris, along with borrowed support from the studio collection.

Keep an eye out for future articles where I’ll point out some of the interesting details of the Merkava, as well as some tips for making flags.