Twitch Plays

We’re LIVE on twitch for the FIRST game of WWIII: Team Yankee where you’re in control! The Twitch chat is playing West German vs our Soviet underdog Luke from Battlefront!  As a collective, Twitch chat must collaborate and strategise to come up with the best course of action against the Soviet forces.


In your turn, you must decide what your troops are going to do alongside the rest of the viewers. Throughout the main phases of your turn, each unit you control will activate, giving you the opportunity to control it. Using the grid overlaid onto the table, type in chat where you think units should move, shoot, assault, etc. as required. The most suggested options in chat will be put into a poll, and the winning option in the poll is the strategy that will be employed! 

Collaborate with your fellow viewers, debate the best strategy, and hope for good dice rolls to take the win in the first Battlefront Twitch Plays!

Watch the carnage below or go to our twitch channel to join in!