Setting up an Eastern Front Board


From dense forests, small villages and farmlands criss-crossed with rivers to marshes and large cities, the Eastern Front battles of 1944 were fought over all kinds of terrain.

With a little helping hand from some pre-painted Battlefield in a Box terrain, we’re going to set up two types of Eastern Front tables – one rural village and one for a battle in the inner city.

The very first step (apart from the blank canvas of a 6’ x 4’ table) is the double-sided city/eastern steppe neoprene gaming mat (BB956). With a city layout on one side and on the reverse an all-over green grass pattern, it makes an excellent base for either kind of eastern front table.

To create a rural table, you’re going to need a few basic pieces before we add some extra spice:

  • BB117 Rural Roads
  •  BB560 Streams
  •  BB510 Small Pine Wood
  • BB138 Rural Fields & Fences
  • BB137 Rural Farm Buildings
  •  BB241 Large Hill
  • BB241 Train Tracks

A box or two of these are a great start to your collection and will really add to your Eastern Front experience.

However, to completely flesh out your wargaming table (and to recreate our rural village), these are also great pieces of terrain:

  • BB140 Rural Road Expansion
  • BB136 Train Station
  • BB186 Train Yard Switching Tower
  • BB245 Haystacks
  • BB139 Rural Church
  • BB246 Treelines
  • BB247 Soviet Officials House (coming soon)