Welcome To The WWIII: Soviet Live Launch

Following on from the Flames Of War launch of the Bagration Soviet book a couple of months ago we are keeping with the Red Army juggernaut, this time though the year is 1985 (more or less) and the T-34 and IS-2 has been replaced by the fearsome T-80.

Inside the WWIII: Soviet book you will find:
• Background on the Group of Soviet Forces in Germany, 2nd Guards Tank Army, 94th Guards Motor Rifle Division, 7th Guards Tank Division, 18th Guards Motor Rifle Division, and Yuri Volkov’s Tank Battalion.

• Instructions on how to build a T-80 Tank Battalion, T-64 Tank Battalion, T-72 Tank Battalion, T-62M Tank Battalion, T-55AM Tank Battalion, BMP Motor Rifle Battalion, BTR-60 Motor Rifle Battalion, Afgantsy Air Assault Battalion, or a T-80 Shock Tank Company.

• Three Scenarios to test your skills with your Soviet force.

Over the course of the next 12 hours you can expect to see the exciting LIVE conclusion to Wayne and Chris’ battle report, a Big Four Of Late War live chat about the book, various articles, list builds, videos, hobby guides and plenty more, so by all means jump in and check it out.

The Battlefront Team