The Bagration: Soviet Launch is Live!

Today we are returning the to the Eastern Front where the Soviet juggernaut is preparing to throw itself at the German Army in an attempt to breakthrough and open the doors to Berlin.

Inside the Bagration: Soviet book you will find:
• Background on the Soviet Red Army during 1944, including Operation Bagration and the breakthroughs that followed.
• Instructions on how to build an IS-2 Guards Heavy Tank Regiment, IS-85 Guards Heavy Tank Regiment, Heavy SP Artillery Regiment, Medium SP Artillery Regiment, SU-76 Light SP Artillery Regiment, Engineer-Sapper Battalion, Hero Shock Rifle Battalion, Rifle Battalion, Hero T-34 (85mm) Tank Battalion, Hero T-34 Tank Battalion, Hero Motor Rifle Battalion,
T-34 (85mm) Tank Battalion, T-34 Tank Battalion, Motor Rifle Battalion, and Reconnaissance Company.
• Three new Bagration themed missions.

Over the course of the day you can expect to see articles, list builds, videos, hobby guides and plenty more, so by all means jump in and check it out.

The Battlefront Team