From Big Four To D-Day: Waffen-SS…

With Wayne Turner

Chris challenged me to put together a Waffen-SS force from the models I had already painted for my D-Day: German force. As I had already painted well over 100 points this might give me an opportunity to get more of my painted  models on the table.

The rating of the Waffen-SS troops are different than those of the Heer Panzer troops featured in D-Day: German, with lower Skill rating of Trained 4+, and Aggressive Hit On 3+, but higher Motivation with Fearless 3+. However, their commanders are Skill Veteran and have the Old Hands rule that gives units in 6”/15cm Tactics 3+.

The bulk of my collection so far is made up of Panzer IVs, so the starting with the Panzer IV SS Tank Company is a good starting point. How many Panzer IVs can I stuff in this force.

That’s uses all 14 of my Panzer IV tanks for just 64 points (compared to 77 points from D-Day: German). Adding my Panthers to this will cost 26 points bringing the total to 90 points.

So what to spend the last 10 points on? I have Sd Kfz 250/9 Scouts, 8.8cm Heavy AA, Nebelwerfers, or Panzergrenadiers.

Some artillery seems like a good idea and with the last points, Three more points to spend, so how about some reconnaissance.

To get me to 100 points I’ll add the Lucky Command Card. I still had Tigers, 88s, or Panzergrenadiers I could have added.