What German Products Can The Waffen-SS Use?

With Chris

The release of the D-Day: Waffen-SS comes with a small pile of new products that are filled with new models specific to the Waffen-SS. At the same time we have a massive range of Late War codes for the Germans that are perfectly suitable for you to use to build your new army.

To make it as easy as possible we have done two things.

  1. The fantastic catalogue at the back of the book contains all the models and their product code and descriptions. You can use this to help you find the products in our online store, or just tell your local retailer the codes and they can order what you need.
  2. Waffen-SS Inside Stickers. We recently started adding the new Waffen-SS Unit Cards and figures (where appropriate) to our older German products so they can be used by either Heer or Waffen-SS armies. You just need to select the right figures and paint them up.

Huh? I heard you say…

That’s right, products marked with this sticker will have the older D-Day: German Unit Cards inside AND the new D-Day: Waffen-SS Unit Cards! How good is that!

Whilst products marked with this sticker will have both sets of Unit Cards AND two sets of gun crews – one set of Heer (normal German army) crews, and another complete set of Waffen-SS crews made out of our new thermoplastic.

If you would like to check out the Waffen-SS catalogue you can download it here….